Telecommunications is an important element in an efficient organization. We offer a number of services that support processes related to data transmission. They are provided based on their own network frame, partner links, points of interconnection with networks of domestic and international operators. All our systems are supervised by a team of engineers monitoring the status and load of the network infrastructure (NOC-ICT), which is available to clients in a 365/7/24 system.

Security experts warn against using public Wi-Fi hotspots, due to the risk of your connection being hijacked or snooped upon. A VPN greatly reduces those risks.

VPN transmission

VPN transmission – a service offered by ICT Future as part of the Telecommunications Dimension, is dedicated to business and institutional clients whose infrastructure is geographically dispersed, which depends on effective and secure communication within a given organization.
ICT Future enables clients to build their private virtual network (VPN) through the use of different access technologies.
ICT Future standards for client’s business.

  • Modern, stable and secure ICT infrastructure.
  • LIR status (Local Internet Registry)
  • Business-carrier class devices..
  • Professional and individual approach to the client’s business problems through a team of engineers and business supervisors.
  • A wide fiber optic backbone network.
  • Independent points of interconnection of the ICT Future network with domestic and international operators.
  • Service characteristics:
    VPN transmission, Symmetric bandwidth,limit of the amount of data transferred.
    Traffic limit, Support for engineers and the NOC-ICT team
    working 365/24/7, care of a dedicated caregiver business.
    Quality guarantee – SLA Standard
    Implementation technology, Ethernet, digital channel,Connection type, VLAN or Q-in-Q topology, Star or each with each (full mesh), Guarantees of service quality – SLA Standard, Monthly availability /99.00%, Response time from failure 2 hours/ time to remove a failure,12 hours/ possible additional options/ Increase in bandwidth/ change SLA Standard to SLA Plus/ other implementation technologies / backup VPN
    Additional solutions:
  • Network equipment (routers, Secure – UTM routers, switches, Wi-Fi networks and others),
  • Configuration and implementation of private clouds and internal network projects.
  • Implementation of central access to the Internet.
  • other options available.

ICT Future proposes initial network analysis, equipment inventory and design solutions which support the client’s business at various stages of its development. We encourage you to take advantage of the proven solutions contained in other dimensions of ICT: resources, IT security, networks and systems as well as support and development.

Resources are an important element of an organization. We provide services related to safe storing of your customer resources. As part of the Resource Dimension, we can provide a collocation service. The collocation service is provided in a special DATA Center located in Wroclaw. Poland. This service is dedicated to business and institutional clients who care about a high quality professional service which is guaranteed by service agreements (SLA).

Service characteristics

  • Guarantee of environmental and physical parameters for hardware resources without the need to build your own server room.
  • Modern infrastructure for the implementation of a DATA CENTER, uninterrupted power systems, redundant cooling system and extinguishing installations.
  • Flexibility in adjusting solutions to your individual needs.
  • The ability to access the rented area in a monitored and controlled manner.
  • Dedicated technical room.

Technical characteristics include all of the following:


Environmental conditionsAdjustable temperatureYes
Adjustable relative humidityYes
Electronic system fire protection EFS (Electronic Fire System)Yes
Automatic fire extinguishing system (Inergen)Yes
2 power circuits from the municipal power gridYes
Electric power supplyUPS devices and spare aggregates GeneratorYes
Two independent power circuits for each rack-mounted ServerYes



ICT Future standards for the client’s business

  • Modern, stable and secure ICT infrastructure.
  • LIR status (Local Internet Registry)
  • Business-carrier class devices.
  • Professional and individual approach to client’s business problems by a team of business engineers and supervisors.
  • Proven technologies.

Additional solutions

  • Network equipment (including routers, UTMs, switches and storage solutions)
  • VPN transmission outside the Internet to customer resources.
  • Fiber-optic lease between DC and customer premises.

– Devices and software – nVision of the Axence Company and Metalkas safes (more details on our website). A VPN reduces security risk by allowing access to specific network resources to only users who are authorized, encrypting data and thereby protecting against insecure Wi-Fi access and providing continuity of centralized unified threat management.

– Audits – checking the company in terms of compliance with procedures. The advantage of this is that in the event of a possible inspection, the entrepreneur can show compliance with the required standards.

– Low-voltage networks – building a LAN / WAN network in offices, which include, all IT cabling in the office, designing the location of sockets and cable routing around the premises and television monitoring.

– Design, construction and administration of network infrastructure – we support buildings in which we manage the infrastructure. Administrators do not have to worry about failures and issues related to access to the Internet for the tenant.

– Wi-Fi wireless networks – we mostly use Ubiquiti for this.

ICT Future offers an individual approach to IT projects. We support our client’s business at various stages of its development. We encourage you to take advantage of proven solutions included in other dimensions of ICT: telecommunications, security, networks and systems as well as support and development. We have trusted contacts with highly skilled people with whom we cooperated with during the creation of many projects

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